The New England Chapter of the North American Lake Management Society is alive and well, but it has been hard to put out a newsletter on a consistent basis. At our recent leadership meeting, it was felt that newsletters, while interesting, are often dated before they arrive and there are so many competing newsletters that they don’t get the attention they may warrant. Blogs, on the other hand, offer immediate information in categories that can be archived and searched, and are online resources easily accessed by most people today. NECNALMS is therefore going to use the blog format to keep in touch with lake professionals and interested citizens beginning in 2017.
The primary categories into which anticipated posts fall include educational opportunities, watershed management, in-lake management, state news and alerts, legislation and policies, and funding. Others may be employed as the need arises. Anyone can submit something for posting, but be advised that this is not a completely open forum. Quality control and peer review will be employed as necessary to verify the accuracy of statements and avoid undue alarm, controversy and incivility. That does not mean we do not plan to tackle difficult issues or avoid contentious debate, but it does mean that we discourage posting opinions masquerading as documented reality and encourage civil interchanges of reasoned discourse. Alternative interpretations are welcome; “alternative facts” are not. Potential postings should be submitted to