Lake Science for Real Estate Agents

If you have a background in lake science and have ever hunted for a lakefront home, you may have been frustrated with real estate agents who don’t know much about the lake itself and use words like pristine for any lake that doesn’t look like a putting green. NALMS developed a program to educate real estate agents about lake features and processes that are important to most lakefront property owners over two decades ago, before the internet was the force it is today. It seems that a rework is in order, one that could link state databases with real estate listings to give searchers useful background information on things like the presence of invasive species, water quality, or management practices that affect lake use, such as drawdown. At the same time, it would be nice to provide basic training for real estate agents so that they would know how to properly describe a lake in terms that a range of buyers could understand. This won’t keep unscrupulous sellers from making inappropriate claims, but it could allow buyer representatives (an increasingly common role for real estate agents) to be better informed and provide what the sellers are really looking for in a lakefront property. Is NALMS listening? Might NECNALMS take this on as a project in New England? Anyone up to the challenge?